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Montra: "If it wasn't hard everyone would do it, hard is what makes us great"-Herb Brooks

12 DEEP BASKETBALL Founded in 2010

Providing parents and their athlete a program that ensures the goal is always in the best interest of the athlete. Respect & Privileges are earned and the only way to accomplish those is with hard work. We pride on being able to accomplish this with accepting a vast majority of talent. Our program has quickly become well know for taking players that might have been previously cut from other programs or players that might not be on the court but get to say I play for so and so. 12Deepbasketball is a program that wants to be know for developing solid players and showing athletes that there is more to life than basketball. 

We have a volunteer Administration

Tournaments throughout the Midwest

AAU Sanctioned

NCAA coaches certification

Part of the positive coaches alliance


Personalized training programs for players: explosion/strength

New Faces/New Commitment

Cole Ippolite: Founder/Executive Director/Coach


 Milwaukee, WI 53209

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